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Sylvia Clemons


Sylvia Clemons has been a licensed counselor, teacher, & trainer since 1981. She is an ordained UPCI minister and state licensed professional counselor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where she currently maintains a full-time virtual private counseling practice. She teaches in Apostolic churches around the country, as well as teaching and working with missionaries and constituents around the world as an Associated Minister with Global Missions. She is a Caregiver and Board member for the Points of Refuge ministry to UPCI pastors and their families. As a professional Christian counselor with over 40 years of experience in helping people, she has dealt with a vast array of problems, including depression & anxiety, panic disorders, childhood sexual abuse, chemical abuse & addiction, eating disorders, parenting issues, relationship problems, issues in marriage, pre-marriage & divorce. Using God’s Word as the foundation, she helps people learn the skills and tools needed to cope more effectively with the difficulties of life and relationships and to live successfully in God’s Kingdom. *Ordained Minister with the United Pentecostal Church International

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