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1. Search for a Counselor

Click on “Find Counselors” and search amongst the CAC’s directory of independent licensed clinicians. Our directory makes it simple for you to filter by state, specialty topics, and other criteria to find the counselor that best fits your specific needs.

2. Contact Your Counselor

On each counselor’s profile, you will be provided with their contact information. Be sure to contact their offices directly because appointment scheduling, pricing, and insurance policies vary depending on each independent counselor.

3. Get Your Help

Simply show up to your scheduled counseling appointment, and a state-licensed CAC counselor will help you to experience the positive, life-changing, and Christian-based support you’ve been searching for.

If you have any questions about the process above, please contact us at (833) 484-3222.

Counseling for Christians

The Center for Apostolic Counseling (CAC) is a network of professional clinicians all across the United States and now in Canada. We are counselors that serve the Apostolic body of believers. The CAC is a safe place where you can get help and share your heart with people who understand your Christian beliefs. Through our Counseling Consultation Group, we also purpose to create a place where clinicians can come together and share their experiences with other professionals.

More Than Just Counseling...

The Center for Apostolic Counseling is an endorsed ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International … Learn More

Why Choose the CAC?

Through this network of providers, CAC hopes to grow both nationally and internationally. We provide a network of support, a network of resources, and a network of believers. Together, we support our missionaries, pastors, and saints of God through direct counseling methods, telemental health, seminars, workshops, and conferences for our churches.

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We  are state-licensed counselors who are apostolic in background and familiar with Christian-based beliefs.

privacy and compliance


We follow state-licensing guidelines, so you can be assured of privacy and HIPPA compliance from every CAC counselor.

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Many of our counselors offer telehealth options, and some counselors are available immediately for your needs.

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The CAC is working to provide Apostolic counselors in every state. We even currently have counselors in Canada.