A Group of Counselors by Counselors

The consultation group for the Center for Apostolic Counseling is coordinated by Esmeralda Delgadillo.

Apostolic Counseling, Christian Counselors

It has long been established that individual practitioners who work solo or practice in isolation are susceptible to loneliness, burn out, and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the demands of work and those to whom we provide services. Mental health work and ministry can be intense and complex. The ability to break the isolation through regular consultation and supervision can assist clinicians to ward off the stress associated with such responsibilities.

Consultation is a professional, yet friendly, way to find camaraderie, support and direction. It is a collaborative relationship among peers. It provides a wonderful opportunity for personal growth through the honing of skills, the development of new skills and techniques, the examination of counter-transference issues, and provides a place to make appropriate referrals for those whom you may not be qualified or comfortable serving.

The purpose of CAC-CG is to provide a group forum for collaborative discussions where clinicians can ask for and receive Apostolic and sound clinical advice, direction, and gain new insights and ideas for promoting the mental health of our clients.

Group Objectives

1. Offer support to all Licensed Apostolic clinicians who participate

2. Provide an open atmosphere for information exchange

3. Promote counselor competency

4. Promote cultural competency

5. Provide education and consultation

6. A place to gain insights and new perspectives concerning difficult cases

7. Address issues of counter-transference

8. Provide a safe and rich environment for personal and professional growth

9. To protect the public and the clients served and ensure adherence to codes of ethics.

Guidelines & Rules

1. All information verbalized and presented within the CAC-CG group is completely confidential. Any violation of the rule can result in immediate removal/dismissal from the group.

2. The confidentiality of our clients is paramount. Disclose only the necessary information of the case that is pertinent for others in the group to provide you with feedback. It is recommended that you disguise the real name of the client by using a fake name (e.g. Sally is a 42-year-old female with Major Depression -Severe). Make sure to prevent the disclosure of confidential information that could lead to disclosure.

3. All feedback and recommendations made by other clinicians is to be done in a respectful and supportive collegial manner. Everyone makes mistakes and may not have a clear view of every case. Pointing out blindspots or areas of further training needed is a helpful part of consultation and supervision if it is presented in a non-judgmental manner. Our aim is to promote the personal and professional growth of all participants.

4. Questioning and appropriate confrontation and challenging is permitted and encouraged as long as it is done with respect and in an effort to promote growth of one another.


1. Each group will have 1 – 3 group facilitators working in collaboration.

2. Meetings will be conducted through the on-line platform Zoom and will last 90 minutes.

3. Presentation of cases will either be solicited at the beginning of each group or submitted via electronic submission for consideration.

4. Depending on the number of cases, you may be provided a time limit to present your case.

5. The presentation of cases should remain confidential and be presented in a succinct manner. (e.g. Sally is a 42-year old Apostolic female suffering with MDD sin the severe range. She is married to an alcoholic husband and endures physical abuse an average of once per month. She is contemplating divorce, etc.)

6. The presentation should end with specific questions the clinician has for the group regarding best practices, needed guidance, needed referrals etc.

7. Those facilitating the group will be in charge of the coordination of the group. Please refrain from cross talk and side conversations. Opinions will be heard one at a time.

8. At times, the content will be varied and diverse. At other times, consultation may be content driven (e.g. this month is focused on child cases).

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