Counselor Sarah Sanchez
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Sarah Sanchez

LPC (OH) & LPCA (KY) (Supervisor: Whayne Herriford)

I was raised in an independent Christian church. I attended a Baptist private school. One day in high school, as I walked behind my sister and her Catholic friend talking about religion, I asked myself, how do I know, with all the religions in the world, that I have the right one. When I was 20, God showed me this wonderful Apostolic doctrine and my life has never been the same. I received the Holy Ghost during Family Camp at 21 years of age. At camp, the first book I bought from the Pentecostal Publishing House was Apostolic Counseling by Lynda Allison Doty. Before I got in church, I felt a pull to pursue counseling, some 20 years later God made a way. Many times I considered going back to school to complete my counseling degree and each time God said, no, now was not the time. Then out of no where God started dealing with me about how I was getting ready to go through a multi-year growing experience. It is amazing how God laid my path out before me and everything fell into place. When I enrolled in school it was with the end goal of owning a private practice where I would be able to provide services to the Apostolic community. Five years later, I can say, "Won't He do it." I am now the owner of Rapha Counseling. While I do provide counseling service to diverse clientele in the community my heart and goal is to provide services to the Apostolic community throughout Ohio and Kentucky.

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