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Kara McCoy

Licensed School Counselor (MN, MO)

I am an ordained minister in South Texas, and also a full-time evangelist. My ministry, Genuine Apostolic, has been endorsed by North American Missions and holds credential with the Apostolic Children's Evangelism registry. I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling, Master of Science in Psychology, and am working on my dissertation to become a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. I expect conferral of this degree in 2023. I travel the country working with churches and individuals who are reaching their communities and raising up kids on the pew. We must encourage faith and healing to see them grow up to their full potential! I have spent many years in the special education setting, assisting young people challenged with Autism, histories of childhood trauma, chronic mental illness, and emotional and behavioral disorders, and problem solving with their parents and Sunday school teachers. I assert that if people are given an outlet to share their burdens, wise counsel can speak back into their lives, engaging and illuminating the principles of the Word to facilitate healing. I believe in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- and the renewing of the mind that comes with the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

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