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Ericka Witham

LCPC (Supervisor: Irene Greene Murphy, LCSW-CC)

As a trauma therapist and life coach, Ericka has worked in different counseling settings. Ericka works with one-on-one, family, group and adults and adolescents. She has remained steady to one theme. "You are not what you've been through". Ericka is passionate about counseling people who are walking through seasons of depression, anxiety, loss, anger, abuse, and marriage and family problems. She is committed to providing professional, discerning counsel established in the truth of God's Word. She a dynamic speaker who helps people, groups, and organizations recognize the importance of maintaining strong mental health awareness and becoming equip with self-care tools. She is passionate about helping others break the barriers and overcome difficult challenges. Ericka is trained in suicide prevention. Serves on many mental health boards and is a certified multicultural counselor. She serves as the worship leader at her church in Maine under the leadership of Pastor Cameron Cox. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children and proclaims "Everyday can be a good day"

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27 Church Ln, Suite 1, Hancock, ME 04640

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