CAC Application

5. Affiliate Financial Agreement

As an affiliate of the Center for Apostolic Counseling, I understand that I will be entering
into a network of Apostolic counselors and mental health professionals. As an important
part of this network I acknowledge that I will receive the following benefits:

1) Fellowship with other Apostolic professionals.

2) A resource for sending and receiving referrals.

3) Professional connection for Apostolic consultations.

4) Opportunities for continuing education credits from an Apostolic worldview.

5) Academic opportunities for writing and teaching via the CAC Network.

6) A dedicated page and/or link to my personal practice from the CAC website.

7) Participation in CAC events, promotions, and projects.

8) Use of the CAC logo for appropriate promotions.

These benefits are provided to me with the following commitments:

1) I will honor the ministry by providing a reasonable discount for my services.

2) I will support the CAC through positive promotions.

3) I will financially support the CAC. (A minimum suggested gift of $144/year or $15/month). Gifts may be setup on the CAC website at

4) I will actively engage in CAC events and projects as I am available.